Feb 9, 2022 • 34M

Operators Ep 36: Hannah Willson (Modern Health)

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I interview non-founder/VC/CEO operators that make the startup world go round
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Hannah Willson is the SVP of Sales and Partnerships at Modern Health. Prior to joining Modern Health Hannah led high-growth sales teams at Zenefits, Rainforest QA, and HelloWallet (acquired by Morningstar). She spent more than eight years at CEB (acquired by Gartner) where she was a top revenue generator for seven consecutive years and consistently exceeded targets for renewals and upsells.

In this episode we talk about what it was like joining Modern Health as one of the first ten employees, the importance of building trust with buyers, and how the tiny things add up in career trajectory. Hannah also discusses how much variety there is in sales, what she looks for when hiring, and advice for getting started and staying in the industry.

I hope you enjoy the show.

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