Oct 18, 2021 • 40M

Operators Ep 32: Alyson Welch (Twilio)

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I interview non-founder/VC/CEO operators that make the startup world go round
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Alyson Welch is the VP of Enterprise Sales at Twilio.  Prior to Twilio, Alyson was the Head of Sales at Zignal Labs, an early stage startup specializing in real time media intelligence, and also spent 15 year at Akamai Technologies.  She has been an advisor at First Round Capital and Bessemer Venture Partners.  She currently sits on the Board of Directors for Girls in Tech, and also founded Poppy, a financial wellness organization for women.

In this episode we discuss Alyson’s timing of joining Akamai a month before the dotcom bubble burst, starting and building a sales team from day one, and the evolution of onboarding at high growth startups. She also shares about why she prefers slightly more mature companies, how crucial it is to be passionate when in sales, and her decision to be an advisor to VC’s.

I hope you enjoy the show.

Full transcript available here.