Operators Ep 33 Transcript

Delian Asparouh...: Hi everyone. My name is Delian and I'm a principal at Founders Fund, a venture capital firm based in San Francisco. This is operators, where I interview non-VC, non-CEO, non-founder operators that make the startup world go round. Today, I'm interviewing Jaimie Buss, SVP of commercial sales North America at Zendesk. Jamie is a veteran sales leader with experience selling everything from SaaS, to virtualization, storage, and networking. During her first four years at Zendesk, she was VP of North America and led SDR, BDR, SMB, commercial and enterprise sales. During her 20 plus year sales career, she has held sales and leadership positions at Andreessen Horowitz, VMware, Coverity, Meraki, Coraid, and Inktomi. I hope you enjoy the show. Cool. Yeah, Jaimie, super excited to have you on the podcast. Thanks so much for taking the time.

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